Sunday Reflection

Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Has God’s apparent absence in your life made you grieve? We are going through a time of the unknown, a time of home working, panic buying, loss of income, people getting sick, people dying, are you or the people you are talking to wondering Where is God in all of this? We are all frightened of what the future holds, does he not care for me? But it is at times like this that we can realize that God is in all of this, he hasn’t abandoned us, it can be the other way around – We can abandoned God. But God is always waiting for us.
When Martha tells Jesus, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died,” it’s hard to tell if she is confessing her faith in Jesus and his power to heal, or if she is accusing him of neglecting his friend. Jesus tells her, “I am the resurrection and the life,” and then he challenges her. Jesus asks Martha if she believes. Can we ask ourselves the same question?
We could be feeling, like Lazarus, that we are in a tomb, in the dark with no light, but God is calling us to come out into the light. And we must decide, do we fall back into the tomb, or do we step out into the unknown? Because what lies ahead of us is completely new territory. No one in our lifetime has ever been through a pandemic crisis like this before. Let us listen to Jesus when he reminds us many times that, if we have faith, nothing is impossible.

Due to the Coronavirus all Masses have been suspended. There are many repercussions to us…
Please join us on screen on Sunday at 10.00 am

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We are to be offering two youth clubs! The first for those in year 6-9 (Phoenix) on Wednesday evenings and the second for those in year 9-13 on Friday evenings. Both run from 7-9pm and have free pizza.

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If you are in your 20’s or 30’s why not join our new young adults group – a chance to make friends, a vital part of forming any community. Contact for details.