Sunday Reflection

Jesus wants to draw us into the life of God. He knows how anxious we can be, both to let go of the past and to trust what the future will bring. The mystery of the Trinity is difficult to put into words. One important word in considering the Trinity is 'sharing'. The three persons live in the love of sharing their truth and sharing all they are. Prayer introduces us to the mystery of God, the mystery of truth and the mystery of gift. All of God is gift; prayer is our time of allowing the gift of Father, Son and Spirit reach deeply into our lives
St. Augustine summed up the heart of the Church’s belief in the mystery of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by simply stating, “If you see charity, you see the Trinity.”

A huge thank-you to all those involved in any way with the Summer Fayre and for everyone who attended supporting this, our major fundraising event of the year.

Our latest Alpha away Day was a big hit with all participants. It took place in the beautiful setting of St Michael's Haunton

Congratulations to Victoria Pickup who was baptised, Confirmed and made her First Holy Communion this month.