Sunday Reflection

Brave, honest Thomas missed that meeting with the Lord. Like many people today, he found his faith hard, He so wanted to believe but needed proof. He was feeling isolated from the rest of the apostles, he didn’t want much more to do with them. But it’s through our community that we find growth in our faith sharing our hopes, our fears, our doubts, sharing thanks for what our faith gives us. Faith in the Lord, while personal, is not a private affair. In the faith of one, the faith of another may be strengthened. When Thomas is faced with Jesus, he instantly recognises him. He seems to have forgotten his desire for proof. Jesus looks beyond his words and sees into his heart.
Help us, Lord, to recognise you. You already know our needs, you hear our words. Now, let us listen for your voice and know your presence. Let us lay aside our demands to receive your love and grace.

Swieconka is the blessing of Polish food that takes place every Holy Saturday.
We are excited to announce that we will have our Parish Mission in June starting…
Our annual report is now ready for 2020. Please have a read since it gives…

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We are to be offering two youth clubs! The first for those in year 6-9 (Phoenix) on Wednesday evenings and the second for those in year 9-13 on Friday evenings. Both run from 7-9pm and have free pizza.

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If you are in your 20’s or 30’s why not join our new young adults group – a chance to make friends, a vital part of forming any community. Contact for details.