Friday, 14 January 2022 16:38

Worship as One

Music Ministry Is God calling you?

A huge thankyou to those who responded to God’s calling and answered the invitation to join us in music ministry. If you have not handed in your invitation card yet please do so to a member of the music ministry Team this weekend, or at any time in the future when the time is right for you. If you can join us at our new quarterly Music session ‘Worship as One’- see below:

On Thursday 20th January 7.00-8.30pm at Sacred Heart Church.

You are all invited to an evening of shared song with our parish choirs and musicians this week.
Whether you’re an existing member of our parish music ministry, thinking about joining, or would just like to be part of an uplifting evening of shared faith and song, bring your instrument, bring your voice and come join us. The pandemic silenced our song for a long time. Let’s rediscover it together.

Our thanks to Jo Boyce for coming over last Sunday and inspiring us with her words. In Jo’s experience, people are under pressure. She (and we) want to find a way to help people to be involved but without adding another burden to their already busy lives. This is about trying to do that. Jo has some exciting ideas so please come and find out more.

Worship is central to the life of the Church. Through it we get closer to God, to each other and to fulfilling our mission as Catholics. As Alex said recently, when it is heartfelt and joyful it helps proclaim a message of Good News – especially when we have so many who visit just ‘to see’.