Friday, 12 February 2021 14:47

Woman With a Haemorrhage

Justyna Halik’s Painting of the Woman With a Haemorrhage, Healed in the Crowd: Our thanks to Justyna for donating this beautiful painting for Sacred Heart Church. It is based on one seen in the Holy Land in a new Church in Magdala at the ‘Put Out Into the Deep’ church, where it sits behind the altar.

It was greeted with great enthusiasm. The only uncertainty was where to place it. Wherever it goes it can be moved but we will give it another week to decide. We will invite comments this weekend again. Thank-you to those who have already commented.

If anyone wants to speak to Justyna about having a panting done (she does much more than feet!!), then email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..