Friday, 28 January 2022 16:05

Sunday Mass Times

Due to Covid, we put on an extra Mass on Saturdays as a temporary measure.

This has helped some people but now that restrictions are easing, we are looking to reduce the number of Masses. This is because there are Masses with lots of empty benches but also, we need to make sure we can find readers, ministers and musicians for all Masses. This would start on the first Sunday of Lent which is March 5th /6th.

We consulted about this 4 months ago. Some asked us to delay any decision which we did. The strongest feeling among those who responded was that we return to the Mass times we had before Covid, with the Sunday Mass at St John’s at 6.00pm. We will also go back to having a Saturday morning Mass (and confessions) which will be like any weekday Mass (10.30am) and so not a Sunday Mass.