Friday, 07 August 2020 17:15

Pop-up Shop

Little did we know 5 months ago that the Tamworth support Isolation Group, offering food and friendship, would still be going in August and that it would continue into 2021. But that’s the way it looks.

The base has been one room in Sacred Heart which is packed with food 24/7. With the start of the summer scheme and, hopefully, groups coming in soon, the base has to be moved. Very few (maybe none) can accommodate this project in Tamworth. We were asked to find space for a ‘Pop-up’ shop and storage shed. This would enable hundreds of families and individuals to have ongoing support. For many this is vital.

We have consulted with the parish council, parish team and Heart of Tamworth Trustees. There were a few concerns but the vast majority support it because:

  1. There is real need and the people we are supporting are in poverty in many ways.
  2. As a Church, it is our mission to bring good news in practical ways.
  3. It does not take away from the quiet and prayerful space of the Church but complements it.
  4. It brings us into contact with more people and provides opportunities to bring them the Good News in other ways.
  5. We can and so we should.

The plan is that this shop will only be here for 6 months. Please pray that the need will not be there after that.