Sunday Reflection

In today’s Gospel Jesus upturns the values we can so easily get caught up in, and we can also ask, ‘who wants to be poorer, sad, in conflict, excluded or demeaned?’ Jesus does not ask us to seek out discomfort, but wants us to realise that God always holds a brighter promise for us. We seek and find God where we are but always realise that God calls us further – we have not yet arrived.
God’s mercy means doing justice for the poorest and the most humiliated. What meaningful action will I do today to bring a smile to the lips of someone who is poor or broken? Christian living is neither an armchair occupation nor a spectator sport.

These are five letters that some people use as if it were the most normal thing in the world, while others haven't experienced peace in years.

Last year's winter night shelter received tremendous support across the town and over 90% of those who came to the shelter were eventually found permanent accommodation.

We are very happy to announce; we will be starting our first brand new Youth Club.