Sunday Reflection

Not Choosing the Easy Way.

Imagine a gentle preacher coming to Tamworth today. People asking him questions and him answering using images that immediately strike home. He is meek but not weak. He confronts conflict squarely rather than avoids it, his standards are always high. This is no watered-down, easy message. But it is within our reach.

He also foretells we will be surprised by those who enter the Kingdom and those who don't. However hard we try, we can all be guilty of excluding people or groups from our community. Today Jesus invites us to be wary of judging others, and to believe that all can be open to God's loving offer of salvation.

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2018 was an exciting year for our parish.

The Archbishop’s Visitation to our parish is next weekend, January 26th/27th. Sunday Masses will be the same as usual except that His Grace will preside and preach.

This is a ‘movement’ that is known nationwide.

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We are to be offering two youth clubs! The first for those in year 6-9 (Phoenix) on Thursday evenings and the second for those in year 9-13 on Friday evenings. Both run from 7-9pm and have free pizza.

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If you are in your 20’s or 30’s why not join our new young adults group – a chance to make friends, a vital part of forming any community. Contact for details.