Sunday Reflection

Why Holy Week?

We connect the word holy with people of great faith, with prayer, maybe good deeds or penances. This week we come face to face with our faith- to trust in the Lord despite the darkness of the hour. Peter forgot that in the courtyard when he denied Jesus three time, but recovered his faith in the morning. Judas forgot it altogether and consigned himself to destruction. To have faith is to trust that all things will serve God, even the suffering we must endure, and even the injustice and the evil we see and experience. The holy in Holy Week assures us of the human and divine love that our Lord has for each of us.

Holy Week

Wednesday 17th April - Penance Service
At St John’s - 7.00 pm (with 8 priests)

Thursday 18th April - Maundy Thursday
Mass of the Lord’s Supper - 8.00 pm at St John’s
(Eucharistic Ministers renewal of promises)

Friday 19th April - Good Friday
Good Friday Witness - 10.30 am (St Editha’s Square)
Children’s Stations - 11.00 am at Sacred Heart

Good Friday Service - 3.00 pm at St John’s and 3.00 pm at Sacred Heart also

Saturday 20th April - Holy Saturday
Święconka (Polish blessing) - 11.00 am Sacred Heart

Easter Vigil - 8.00 pm at Sacred Heart
(with refreshments afterwards)

Please note there is no 6.00 pm Mass on Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday

9.00 - Easter Day Mass Sacred Heart
10.30 - Easter Day Mass St John’s
12.00 noon - Easter Day Mass Sacred Heart



Easter blessings
of joy and peace
be yours,

Apple Fest volunteers needed to help with the Apple Fest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5th, 6th, 7th October.

Africa is a continent with enormous potential. Its young people are its future. A future which, if it is accompanied by education and work possibilities, is splendid.

35 Super Heroes met in memory of Theo, our own super hero who recently went to God.