Sunday Reflection

The first two commandments that Jesus gave us are, that we are to love God and love our neighbour. This means that one love is not greater than the other. They are interdependent. By loving God, we love our neighbour. By loving our neighbour, we love God.
Jesus gives his own interpretation to these two commandments. In his view, the two commandments are inseparable. We cannot love God and then refuse to love our neighbour. Our neighbours are every single person and not just the people of our own race, religion or family.

This Sunday, May 3rd will be the 57th Day of Prayer for Vocations.
Tamworth Volunteer Sewing Group is a new initiative: Headed up by Emma, over 200 volunteers…
Dear Parent or Guardian. During this unprecedented time of being isolated, our youth ministry team…

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We are to be offering two youth clubs! The first for those in year 6-9 (Phoenix) on Wednesday evenings and the second for those in year 9-13 on Friday evenings. Both run from 7-9pm and have free pizza.

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If you are in your 20’s or 30’s why not join our new young adults group – a chance to make friends, a vital part of forming any community. Contact for details.