Sunday Reflection

In today’s Gospel story we are told of the moment when John the Baptist realised who Jesus was for him, his mission had reached its completion. His function was to point people in the direction of Jesus, the Lamb of God. With these words John draws back the curtain and Jesus takes center stage in our human story, inviting us to be with him.
John knew who Jesus was, but what Jesus was, was suddenly revealed. He sees the Spirit descend and remain on Jesus. The Spirit takes up permanent abode in him. As we move through today let us be aware that our lives are pervaded with the Spirit of

Bonfire Night at Sacred Heart went down a storm with lots of families present.

The Sacred Heart Building Project is due to start in two weeks – at last.

Why is this lad looking so happy? Well his name is Josh (alongside Mum Hannah) and he has just been baptised and confirmed.

phoenix group v2 0

We are to be offering two youth clubs! The first for those in year 6-9 (Phoenix) on Wednesday evenings and the second for those in year 9-13 on Friday evenings. Both run from 7-9pm and have free pizza.

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If you are in your 20’s or 30’s why not join our new young adults group – a chance to make friends, a vital part of forming any community. Contact for details.