He is Risen“After Sabbath, we find Mary back at the tomb – still living in that Good Friday world, where all her hopes in Jesus had been dashed to pieces. She was still living in that Good Friday world where life had been overcome by death. And it seemed to get worse as Mary approaches the tomb where the body of Jesus had been placed, and sees to her horror that the doorway was open. The great, heavy stone that had been put there to block the entrance had been moved – rolled away.”

“In her shock and despair Mary runs to tell the disciples. They are also living in that Good Friday world. They had closed themselves away behind locked doors for fear of their lives. They hear Mary’s news, and run to the open tomb. One after the other they nervously look inside and, once inside, they see that the body of Jesus is gone. Then they suddenly realise that what Jesus had told them about his dying and rising again on the Third Day was true! The see and they believe! They return to the other disciples in awe and wonder – with renewed faith emerging from their hearts and souls! They were emerging from the Good Friday world to begin living in the Easter Day World!”


And that is our world because Jesus not only shares it with us, he has given his life so that we can be part of it. We are in the Easter Day World and we are the Easter People. Alleluia.


We are very happy to soon be running two youth clubs!

When we consulted on the work at St John’s Church last year, we welcomed a visitor from Palestine. His name is Ian Knowles.

These are five letters that some people use as if it were the most normal thing in the world, while others haven't experienced peace in years.