Sunday Reflection

John the Baptist lived a life of passionate commitment. His passion for justice and honesty spoke to the hearts of the crowds, tax-collectors and soldiers. His answer to the question “what should we do?” is surprisingly ordinary: Don’t cheat, share your surplus, don’t exploit people.
As we prepare for the birth of the Christ Child can we reflect on what does our lifestyle say about our faith in Christ? Do we hoard or share what we have with others, especially those who are poor and on the margins of society? How might we embrace the sacred in the ordinary, and the ordinary in the sacred?

When we consulted on the work at St John’s Church last year, we welcomed a visitor from Palestine. His name is Ian Knowles.

These are five letters that some people use as if it were the most normal thing in the world, while others haven't experienced peace in years.

Last year's winter night shelter received tremendous support across the town and over 90% of those who came to the shelter were eventually found permanent accommodation.

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