Sunday Reflection

I am the living bread which has come down from Heaven

During times of stress, anxiety, or packed schedules, we often do not feel like eating, family and good friends will make sure we do by urging us that we will need to eat to “keep up our strength.” We know this to be true.
In the same way, to say going to Mass and receiving Eucharist won’t add to your life is like saying that seeing your dearest friend or spouse wouldn’t improve your day.
In the Eucharist we can receive so much peace and love in Christ, we feel close to God.  Friendships take time to develop though an investment of oneself. The more we invest in our friendship with Christ, the more we come to Him in the union of the Eucharist, the more we will taste the delight of His love and see transformation in our lives.
Have you ever had a powerful experience of God after receiving the Eucharist?

The summerscheme ended recently and was a great fortnight again for both teenagers and young ones.

No family is perfect. Love is demanding, although there is no greater happiness.

Your parish priest is always available for you, to celebrate Mass, visit the sick, speak with someone who doesn't have anyone else who will listen to him, and much more.

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